Why sumacsearch.com?

screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-2-17-49-pmWhy sumacsearch.com?

Since the beginning of time, mankind has had a basic need for shelter. In our culture we call it housing.  Everyone needs a place to live. I grew up in Alexandria. I’ve lived in large cities, suburbs, and in the country, and whenever I’ve relocated, I’ve always started my housing search on the internet. Now that I own and manage properties, I’ve seen the challenges that come with marketing my properties, and finding tenants.

As I’ve wrestled with how to get my property “out there” on the internet, and then the challenges that come with screening potential tenants, I simply decided that it’s time smaller sized markets like ours here in Alexandria, had a high quality, inexpensive and simple option for listing properties and finding great tenants.

That’s why we’ve created sumacsearch.com. It’s a search engine for finding apartments, single family homes, and vacation rentals in our market and surrounding area.   As a property owner, listing a property on our website is easy. In just a few steps, you can create a professional rental listing that will appear to thousands of potential tenants who are looking for quality housing.  Potential tenants are able in just a click to connect with owners and property managers and start the application process.  As a person looking for rental housing, you can browse listings with pictures, locations, prices and many other options.  From there you can simply click and be connected with owners and property managers to set up viewings, fill out applications, and move into your new place!

I heard it said, “When the tide rises, all the boats go up.”  We feel that when the rental housing market “rises” all of the “boats” of owners, and potential tenants will go up.  Better housing makes for better neighborhoods which leads to better communities.